Leather Wall Tiles

Leather Wall Tiles represents a stunning collection of finely crafted embossing patterns on leather wall tiles, blending the traditional design work of medieval artisans with modern & chic leather cladding. Presented in an innovative combination of Leather Wall Tile, leather colours, leather finishes, and artistic motifs the Tijara series creates a breathtaking feature for your home or office.

If you are looking for the Leather Wall Tile in india with a glossy and smooth surface finish, then as a pioneer of innovative and luxury decorative tiles in India, Tempesta highly recommends you to try out their exclusive range of tiles with a glass-like surface finish, called the MuranoStone Collection.

The Leather Wall Tiles Collection also comes in four additional choices:
• Stitched Edge – elegant and classical stitched edge leather tiles
• Artistic – special artistic shapes in leather tiles
• Hair On – exquisite Hair On leather tiles

More on Leather Wall Tiles

Leather wall tiles are one of the most innovative tiles products which transform your home in to beautify place, Our Company make varieties of product in terms of Leather Wall Tiles in the versatility of designs, We made our leather wall tiles with a glossy and smooth finish.  These types of products are well designed in terms of interior home decoration and provide quite a rich look to your place, However Leather Wall Tiles are very complicated in terms of installing but once these products are get installed then after it gives awesome decoration to your room. There are many awesome qualities in Leather wall tiles like soundproofing quality because it has the ability to absorb sound. These products also well behave in terms of water resistance and stain resistance and it also has eco-friendly quality as well. Our some main leather wall tiles products are listed below –

  • Leather Faux Panels
  • 3D Leather Panel
  • Leather Wall Paneling
  • Faux Leather 3D Panels
  • Silfra 3D Leather Wall Panels Design

So these are some of our main product in terms of leather wall tiles, If you have any query regarding Leather wall tiles product then we provide you 100% satisfaction in terms of it, For contact, you can make a call to us we are very happy to entertain you in terms of it and even better you can also visit our showroom which situated in Gurgaon Haryana.